Gathering Ideas
From a very early stage, it was decided that we would make a game using claymation. This meant our artist would painstakingly take individual pictures of each character on a blue screen, for them to then be converted into a GIF format for implementation.
A group of friends prior to the event, we worked as a team of five to gather our thoughts and come up with ideas. From the key word, "Ritual" out mind went to a variety of scenarios, including witches potions, ritualistic character creation, amongst other things. We however, decided to take the basis of having creatures, and have them perform the ritual to gain approval from another creature by performing the same action.

Character Design and environment art
During the project I took on the roll of a Designer, character and Environment Artist. Our game was quite simplistic in terms of design and rather art heavy, so I brought my pieces of art experience to the table.
I was responsible for creating one of the characters, "Lippy", A strange orange and pink creature with a terrifying grin, and was responsible for the creation of all other clay and environment assets.
Through a mix of Pictures taken of clay and photoshop, I created assets which I could drag in to create multiple different environments. 

video editing and finalising
My final responsibility of the project was to create a trailer video for our prototype. This trailer video would be displayed on the GLobal Game Jam Site with the other projects created throughout the weekend. The video used very silly royalty free music and jump cuts to create a comical and silly atmosphere.
By the end of the weekend, we were very happy with the work we had done. The project is still something which myself and the team still reference to this day.

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