Pack Development
Caverns of Chaos made use of the design team to create exciting puzzles, animated events and lore in order to save villagers from the cavern and the enemy residents.
The Cavern was split into a variety of levels with different environmental designs, often with hazards which progressed in difficulty, with a boss at the end of each level, including the final boss battle.
My role was to design the layout for the final floor, and to help other designers with QA issues nearer the end of development. 

level Design
I was tasked with designing the fifth and final floor of the dungeon. As this was the deepest area, the environment was designed to resemble dungeon ruins destroyed by lava.
My initial idea was to create a large set of crossing bridges, which the player could see but could not access, with visible guidance to an area where access could be available. With inspiration from Minecrafts own Nether, the level made use of cave areas, dungeon style mazes, and plenty of environmental hazards.
Extra areas with additional objectives were placed around the level in which the player could rescue villagers, with the risk of dangers along the way. 

Quality Assurance and finalising
As this project was an in house, third party pack, our QA was purely in house. This allowed us to test and come up with solutions quickly.
It was important to play through and iterate on the difficulty of the zones, which required the balancing of both items given to the player, and the amount of mobs per level.
Testing the unique animations and mechanics in different orders, to ensure they work as intended all of the time.
Ensuring the boss battle arena's were fair and couldn't didn't have any flaws, giving the boss or player an unwanted advantage.

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