Pack Development
Our objective with the pack was to create three different levels with a varying degree of familiarity.
The Libertalia map replicated the dock used as a raider camp within Fallout 4, with a large amount of water.
The "General Atomics Galleria" replicated the small robot controlled demonstration area from Fallout 4, making use of various traps using redstone throughout.
The "Capitol" map took the style of Fallout 3's capital wastes, and was a unique battle environment created for Minecraft.
Map Design
The Libertalia map posed unique challenges throughout, with the vast majority of the surface area consisting mostly of water. We had to ensure that the player could get around the map without ever touching the water, but we also made sure that they would still be punished upon falling in. Iteration of the maps flotsam gave us time to test and redesign any places that created problems or made the map frustrating to play.
The General Atomics Galleria map was first created as it appears in Fallout 4, before having changes made throughout to make it more suitable as a combat arena. A variety of holes were created in walls to allow for building jumping and easier access around the map in general. Jump pads were also placed liberally around the map to allow for easy and quick access to higher locations. The map also contains designed traps which can be set off by players from around the map to fit the theme of the location.
The Capitol map was created as a brand new area with the styles of Fallout 3's Capital Wastes, which gave more creative freedom in the use of jump pads and redstone traps around the map.
Quality Assurance
It was our primary objective to create these maps within a contained area, with no viable means of escape from these bounds. It was also important to make sure that there was no visuals implicating possible escape routes that the player may attempt.
Redstone traps and jumps were tested extensively throughout the packs development and during the polish stages of the project.
Weapons, Armour and other impactful items were evenly spread around the maps avoid giving a single player an advantage.
It was also important to ensure spawn points for the players were secure and didn't give advantages or disadvantages.

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