Pack Development
Glide it was a brand new mini game created for Minecraft utilising the newly added Elytra. 
The mini game released with one map with the intention to add further free maps as well as paid for downloadable packs.
We Released a total of 3 free maps, and 3 paid packs, coming to a total of 12 maps released within a 6 month time frame.

Glide tested our level design skills in a completely different way, Prioritising the visuals when moving at high speeds. 
as Glide was a mini game, we could get creative with the content added. We could set up our own point system allowing the player to fly through rings of different sizes and colours to gain points. We also utilised boost pads to change the players direction and give them a speed boost where needed.
Boost pad values were corrected and changed individually to create the most pleasant experience for the player.
This mini game and its maps required testing throughout development as the map was in constant changes and improvements. It was important for us To test the levels and make sure they were inescapable. This required a mix of high outer walls, Visual guidance and general level design techniques.

Glide Levels and Packs
Free Maps
- Cavern
- Temple
Glide Beasts Track Pack 
- Yeti
- Kraken
- Dragon
Glide Giants Track Pack 
- Shrunk
- Body
- Mobs
Glide Myths Track Pack
- Excalibur 
- Icarus
- Celts.

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