Pack Development
The Fallout Mash-up Pack contained iconic locations from the 4 mainline series games, with a large area on the map dedicated to each. 
With Minecraft being a survival game, we wanted to bring that fallout looting experience to the player, be packing the map with a variety of chests filled with loot and plenty of crafting capabilities.
It was important to give the players a sense of progression as they worked their way challenging puzzles, dangerous buildings and fighting mobs.

level Design
With this being an earlier Mash-Up Pack at a large scale, It was challenging using the in house tools we had at our disposal. Many locations and set pieces very large which meant designing and segmenting pieces of the larger object.
The Level was split into sections for each of the 4 Mainline games, with the largest portion given to the latest game, Fallout 4.
I was responsible for creating, updating and maintaining many Locations, such as Diamond City, Trinity Tower and the Capitol Building.
Fallout uses instanced interiors, which meant the interiors of buildings don't necessarily have to match the exterior. Some design decisions were made early on for certain locations in order for them to work in Minecraft.
Many jump pads were created and placed around the level with the introduction of the Elytra, to gain access to otherwise inaccessible places such as the Prydwen.

Quality Assurance and finalising
We worked alongside Bethesda to ensure our world matched the standards required, encompassing the games through Fallout to Fallout 4. It was also important to find and resolve any problems throughout the map which would disrupt the players ability to play.
Areas where players could become trapped needed to be resolved.
areas which were required to be accessible were tested to ensure it wasn't too difficult or impossible to complete.
The map was tested and solutions were made to overcome any performance related issues. 
Jump pads that had been created to introduce the new Elytra were tested and modified around the map.

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