Pack Development
The Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up pack fused the mythology of Egyptian beliefs, and the real architecture still found throughout Egypt today. 
We wanted to create a world where the player could play in skins that represent the Egyptian gods, such as Osiris, Horus and Anubis.
The player can travel across many different locations related to Egyptian Myth, Such as the Giant Serpent surrounding the entire map, as well as many real locations and temples like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of Kings.

level Design
It was important designing our level that we could create a world that incorporated an accurate representation of the real life structures, with the Egyptian Mythology added to create a surprising environment for the player.
Various locations such as the Great Library were inspired by a variety of artists interpretations mended with our own designs to create an easily navigable area. 
Temples that still exist to this day, were studied by the design team, and blocked out to understand the floor plan, before being decorated as it was expected to have looked when it was first built.

Puzzle Design
With much of Egypt still providing surprises to this day, we wanted to create a very interactive experience for the player by including a variety of secrets, traps and temples around the map.
Many puzzles were created using Minecrafts redstone, including secret trap doors and hidden passageways
We created visual and technical puzzles following the real world history of temples as we were inspired by the lore during the production of the pack.

Quality Assurance and finalising
It was also important to find and resolve any problems throughout the map which would disrupt the players ability to play.
Areas where players could become trapped needed to be resolved.
areas which were required to be accessible were tested to ensure it wasn't too difficult or impossible to complete.
Each trap and various set pieces making use of redstone were heavily tested for potential bugs and resolved before release.
The map was tested and solutions were made to overcome any performance related issues. 

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